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It’s all about the experience, the memories, the dreams.

Through the Grapevine House is located on the island of Aegina, 15 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus, between 40 mins to 1h15mins depending on the boat you take.


When the idea of sharing or short letting The Grapevine House emerged, we imagined offering you, our guests, a place that would make you feel at home. Through the Grapevine House has the simple comforts of a real home.


If you are looking for a place that is impeccably designed and includes a range of top-notch facilities, this is not the place for you.


The comforts of Through The Grapevine House

Through the Grapevine House is our guest house. It is set up with all the basic amenities and conveniences needed in a home, taking into account that the house was built in the late 1800's. It has been just recently renovated by us, and decorated with carefully chosen objects of art & craft to make your stay even more memorable. Everything, or almost, is taken care of for you.

We are here to help make your stay as agreable as possible. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.


Newly Renovated

After living in the heights of the island of Aegina for the last 12 years, we recently moved to this property closer to the port, with two houses, a lovely courtyard with trees, plants and flowers, and a plot of land with pistachio and olive trees. They were abandoned for some time, so we decided to renovate them, as we were thrilled with the energy and tranquility of the place. We put in a lot of personal work, buying an absolute minimum, but rather using furniture and objects we had, that were offered to us, or that we found in and around the house and in the streets. The idea was to bring back to life the old beauty of both houses - the main house (our own), and the guest house, while also making them as practical and comfortable as possible to live in. And, of course, we added a few touches here and there, with the help and collaboration of artisan friends who live on the island.


Newly Furbished

We worked hard to make sure your stay will be as close to perfect as possible, let's say harmonious all the way through.

Our wish is for you to relax and enjoy yourselves from the moment you walk in through the door. For as long as you stay at Through the Grapevine House, you won't need to worry about much, if anything at all. And if you have a question, we're always just a call away. In fact, our house is right next to yours, a few plants away.


We hope you enjoy the simplicity of Through the Grapevine House and have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

And remember to ask us about things to do in Aegina - there is a lot more than what you may think.

From check-in to check-out and every moment in between, you can let go and enjoy.


Agion Anargyron st., Agios Georgios Galatis, Aegina 18010 Greece

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