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Our Story


Marina's & Yanis's journey is a remarkable fusion of cultures, backgrounds, and artistic endeavours. It is somewhat by chance that they ended up on the island of Aegina in 2012, when they were looking to leave Athens.

Marina is a woman with a truly international upbringing. Born in London to a Brazilian-Greek heritage, she spent her formative years immersed in the vibrant cities of Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Marina's passion for art history, and everything relating to culture and how it is kept alive, propelled her to pursue a deep understanding of the artistic expressions that have shaped civilisations throughout time. She collaborated with many institutions, particularly in the area of photography, after a spell in the realm of publishing and film production, activities that would remain in her life for many years. In 2004 she opened the cats and marbles gallery in Kolonaki, Athens, a space showcasing antiques as well as art exhibitions. She holds a particular fascination for the hands-on dimension of artistic practice, i.e. the craftsmanship of the artist, how it defines the work of the artist and how it evolves. Soon after arriving in Aegina she discovered the world of ceramics, and is now creating small series of handmade objects, a project that embellishes her own life, and hopes to add beauty to the life of others.

Yanis's diverse background mirrors the richness of his artistic talents. With Greek and Egyptian roots, he grew up between the cosmopolitan cities of Johannesburg, London, and Athens. His journey in the world of art and craftsmanship took a unique path, after spending more than a decade into the realm of industrial chemistry and design, in London. His background has allowed him to blend experimentation with artistic creation: he gives particular importance to the materials used, forever researching and trying new materials and combinations, always playing with colours like a true colorist. The result: a vast collection of paintings and intricate crafts, for his interest is not limited to the canvas or the paper. He is always looking for new challenges in wood, metal, marble... the list goes on.

For over a decade now, Yanis and Marina have called the enchanting island of Aegina their home. It is here that their creative spirits have found solace, inspiration, and fertile ground for their artistic endeavours. Alongside their passion for ceramics, crafts, and painting, they have successfully established a thriving small-scale olive oil soap factory. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and preserving traditional methods has garnered them recognition and appreciation from locals and visitors alike. Find out more at

Yanis and Marina's collective journey is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration, cultural exchange, and the pursuit of excellence. Their diverse backgrounds, coupled with their shared passion for creativity, have not only shaped their personal lives but have also enriched the artistic landscape of their surroundings.

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